"Check your emotions at the door" is BS advice

  |  16.Aug.2019

“Check your emotions at the door.”

What a load of BS.

It’s possibly the worst business advice of all time. It ignores the reality that (1) emotions call attention to life’s biggest moments; and (2) EVERYONE is ALWAYS emotional.

But like all cliches, it points to a larger truth that has been written about throughout time. The Stoics called it “cultivating non-reactivity.”

And it’s the #1 skill to guarantee your success in business and life.

Cultivating non-reactivity isn’t about not feeling emotions, turning them off, or pushing them down - all dangerous strategies for a healthy life. It’s about learning to control your actions despite the emotions you’re feeling.

Easily said. Harder to master.

How do you learn to non-react? First, learn to remain calm.

Brené Brown, one of my heroes, says that cultivating calm has 3 steps:

1. Breathe. Non-reactive, calm people breathe. Their first reaction to high emotion is to be silent and breathe. They’re comfortable in silence.
2. Ask questions. It allows you to suspend action, regain control of your emotions, and learn more about the situation before you act.
3. Ask these 2 questions: Do I have enough data to freak-out? Will freaking-out be helpful?

Use these 3 steps to start down the path to emotional mastery and more success.

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