• What Stephen’s experience of going to the Amazon was like
  • How getting laid off in 2000 put him on a path to work differently
  • Why being an empathetic coach will be more and more important as time goes on
  • How to start identifying your peak per...
  • What resilience means to her and why she doesn’t like the phrase, “bouncing back”
  • The importance of objectivity
  • Why living with toxic stress can keep you from moving forward
  • How to approach quitting with intention as a positive thing
  • Three e...


  • What led him to make studying buyer behavior his focus
  • How Graham helps salespeople through SalesTribe
  • The biggest mistake he sees people making as they start out with their personal brand
  • How he defines cold calling and what he sugges...
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I was about 12 months in as a new Sales rep when I realized I was having trouble sleeping. I had a bit of nerves about quota each month, but it was more than that. I couldn’t stop thinking about the job. I was excited. I knew I was in a great pos...

Why are we telling our sales reps that the phone doesn’t work anymore? Why are we telling our sales reps that no one will read and respond to their emails? That email is dead. That the phone is dead.These are punch lines. It’s hyperbolic propagand...

Have you ever asked the barista at a coffee shop for a discount on your latte? I have.When I was first learning how to sell, I’d ask everyone for a discount. It doesn’t sound that crazy until you ask the barista, “Can I get 20% off this latte toda...

I’m a quota-holic and I suffer from performance fear -- the fear of underperforming.In my early days as a sales rep, that fear drove me to outwork everyone and led me to success. As a sales leader, I make mistakes when I don’t recognize that perfo...

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