The most underrated value today is TOUGHNESS

  |  9.Aug.2019
The most underrated value today is TOUGHNESS

Do you know what the most underrated value is today? Toughness.

But, it’s more in vogue these days to tone down "toughness", to call it other names like dedication, commitment, figure-it-out factor, hard work, grit, and, sometimes, even luck.

The truth is: Toughness requires a willingness to do the hard stuff.

But we don't. We whine. Then we whine some more.

Maybe it’s that promotion at work that is just out of reach. Most likely you’re not working hard enough, not dedicated enough, to do the hard stuff that would clinch it.

Maybe you don’t get enough time with your family. You work all day, all night, but don’t stop to come up with a strategy for better work/life balance. You won’t confront your boss and ask for what you really need in order to be your best self at work and at home.

Or maybe you’re the garden variety couch potato. You know all the cool stuff that is going on in the world. You know all the celebs' birthdays and you’re counting down the days to the next season of every cool TV show.

It’s all the same. You’re not tough enough.

Toughness is doing what no one else does.

The good news: Toughness is going out of style. Here's your opportunity.

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