Can I have a discount with that?

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Have you ever asked the barista at a coffee shop for a discount on your latte? I have.

When I was first learning how to sell, I’d ask everyone for a discount. It doesn’t sound that crazy until you ask the barista, “Can I get 20% off this latte today if I come back once a week for a month?”

As you can imagine, I didn’t get the discount. But, getting the discount wasn’t the point.

The point was to get comfortable asking awkward questions, shutting up, and listening to the response. Even when there’s a dreaded awkward pause. Because that’s the key to making a sale -- learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

One of the first skills you learn as a sales rep is being comfortable with the unknown. And it isn’t a skill that happens overnight. It’s a skill I still practice constantly by asking the tough questions.

If you don’t learn how to ask tough questions and deal with the awkwardness, you’ll have problems in sales. You must learn to enjoy the uncertainty and quiet that inner voice while the customer is telling you the good stuff. You have to listen to get the sale. And listening starts with getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Here’s a non-awkward question for you: What tactics have you tried to become better at selling?

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