Dear Sales Rep: the phone is not the ENEMY

Post by Dear Sales Rep: the phone is not the ENEMY

Why are we telling our sales reps that the phone doesn’t work anymore? Why are we telling our sales reps that no one will read and respond to their emails? That email is dead. That the phone is dead.

These are punch lines. It’s hyperbolic propaganda dreamed up by someone trying to push their agenda. It only tells our sales reps that they can’t be successful.

And it’s just not true.

Instead of focusing on the changing channels we use to communicate, why don’t we focus our reps on what hasn’t changed?

Why don’t we tell our reps that they need to be different, helpful, courteous, and interesting? It’s because “the phone is dead” is catchy, simpler, and more readily heard than “be better” or “add value.”

The truth is that it’s not the channel we choose to reach out on, it’s the message and the tone.

So sales reps, I’m talking to you now.

Go sharpen the axe.

Learn to add value and say it in a way that your prospects understand how you can help. Then pick up the phone, or send an email… or a tweet. Add value, and the message will hit its target.

Sales reps, how do you sharpen your axe, add value, and connect with your prospects?

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