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How many times have you seen inspirational business quotes from Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates in presentation decks at conferences and meetings?

How many times have you seen inspirational business quotes from Ursula Burns, Erin Bury, or Susan Wojcicki?

I haven’t -- ever. And I’m sad to admit that nor had I ever even heard of these three influential women before looking through the QuoteMoreWomen deck my colleague Hannah Fleishman put together.

Representation matters. And we need to give women leaders, founders and CEOs the recognition they deserve for the big ideas, and even bigger moves, they’re making in today’s business world.

And that’s what this awesome deck of slides is for -- to give a voice to all the women who weren’t included on Forbes list of 100 Most Innovative Leaders. (If you didn’t see it, give it a Google -- 99 men and only 1 woman made the list.) This deck is for anyone, anywhere to use in presentations and content to help amplify the female voices in the tech and business space today.

Check it out, save your favorites, and let’s pledge to QuoteMoreWomen in the next presentations we present, no matter how big or small. It all makes a difference.


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