The most important sales manager skill is EMPATHY

Post by The most important sales manager skill is EMPATHY

Want to know the best skill a Sales Manager can have? Empathy.

Empathy builds trust. Trust builds relationships. And as a Sales leader, there’s nothing more important than building relationships with your employees and customers.

When your employees trust you, they aren’t afraid to think differently, try new things, and come up with new solutions to problems. It creates a space that’s both physically and psychologically safe, which in turn allows your team to do their best work in an environment where they’re comfortable.

When your customers trust you, they know they’re more than just a reference number or an email on the other side of the screen. They’re a human with a dream. And at HubSpot, my team gets to bring our customers a solution to help their dream, their business, grow better.

Empathy comes down to listening to both the facts and the emotions. It’s about trying to see things from the other person’s perspective. It has nothing to do with being right and everything to do with understanding. No one moves forward until they know they’re understood.

Be open. Be a little vulnerable. Be human.

How do you practice empathy in sales or as a leader?

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