Tough love: the key to early career sales success

Post by Tough love: the key to early career sales success

Sometimes BDRs need a bit of tough love. Other times, they need a LOT of tough love.

Sales leaders, we need to communicate clearly to BDRs where they stand in their performance. This is especially important in months 3-6 when most BDRs have a significant lag in MRR attainment as they learn the job.

Many BDRs will freak out because they struggle to hit quota. By this time they’re doing most things right, but deals just take time. Especially BDRs hitting their meeting targets. They need to be patient and stay on course. They also need to keep improving.

We need to find the balance of reassuring BDRs that this is normal and they'll be ok with continued effort. But we also need them to realize they need to step up their game. This is often the first bit of real professional adversity they've faced and it’s an important time to learn.

Leaders, we need to be honest, caring, try to keep their confidence high, but also not protect them. BDRs need to go through this moment of uncertainty so they can be successful later in their careers.

It's a tough balance in this period of development, but "tough love" is the best route to ensure long term success. Let them struggle, but give them confidence that they'll rise to the occasion and success isn’t far away.

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