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Dear Sales Rep: the phone is not the ENEMY

Why don’t we tell our reps helpful, courteous, and interesting? It's because “the phone is dead” is catchy and simpler than “be better” or “add...

Sales & Marketing

Can I have a discount with that?

So much of your early sales career is about being uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable trying to sell and this one game made it so much easier to sell...

Sales & Marketing

Performance fear

Many sales cultures are built on fear, and it starts with the leaders. Sales leaders react, dictate, seek control, then rinse and repeat in a vicious...


The best professional gift EVER

One of the most important leadership skills is to understand yourself, to have an accurate map of who you are. This is the story of an unlikely...

Peak Performance

The most underrated value today is TOUGHNESS

If you ask any self-made successful person the key to success, they'll say hard work, but they won't often say toughness. And yet, that's exactly the...

Peak Performance

Take a chance in your career

Sometimes success and something really fulfilling is just on the other side of being scared out of your mind.

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